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Are you a former Cedar Crest camper, counselor, staff member or volunteer?  Would you like to know where your friends, counselors and former staff are now?  Would you be interested in coming back to camp to see how things have changed since you were last here?


How can I get involved?

* Help us to stay connected with you.  Send us your email address, so you can receive our e-newsletter and other email communication.
*Like us on Facebook
* Be an advocate for Cedar Crest.  Contact Director Russell Casteel to let him know that you’d like to be an ambassador for Cedar Crest in your local church.
*Share your Cedar Crest story with others and us!
Your feedback is important to us!  Please be sure to evaluate your experience so that we can continue to get better.
The link to the evaluation is here.


As always, if you have additional suggestions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Cedar Crest Director Russell Casteel at russell.casteel@tnumc.com or 931-670-3025.