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Cedar Crest is one of the Outdoor Ministries facilities, owned and operated by the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church since 1959.  Programming at Cedar Crest includes summer camps, parent/child weekends, retreats, conferences youth group trips, family reunions, work weekends and a variety of other events.  Cedar Crest is located in Lyles, TN.


Cedar Crest strives to be Welcoming, Restoring, and Transforming.  We achieve this by being: Christ-Centered, Child-Focused, Relevant, Fun, Safe and Creative focused.  When developing programming at camp all six of the core values are incorporated.


Cedar Crest’s Goals and Outcomes for Camper Development

  1. To allow each child to experience Christian Community through family group living.
  2. To allow each camper to discover God’s natural world and take an active role in the stewardship of our environment.
  3. To provide age appropriate opportunities that foster spiritual growth and build a relationship with God.
  4. To provide opportunities which stimulate the development of each camper’s potential and to build self-esteem